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Take on the Worlds Top Cricket Teams! In this version you only bat, therefore you do not bowl. The Twenty20 Cricket format is four times more popular than that of conventional test matches and twice as popular as the 50 over ODI�s, according to research undertaken on the World Twenty20 Cricket Championship Tournament in September 2007 by Sports Marketing Surveys.

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You will be asked to choose two teams, as follows: a batting team (this will be your team) and a fielding team (your opponents). On the team selection screen, below the countries` flags, you are able see the current average score for that team to help you select. The game consists of 20 over`s of 6 balls per over and play continues until all of the over`s have been bowled or you have lost 10 wickets (whichever happens first). The balls will be bowled at various speeds, lengths and positions, and you need to choose the appropriate batting stroke to hit the ball. A small indicator will appear at the bottom of the screen to help you choose the correct stroke. Choose your batting stroke by pressing one of the arrow keys. If you press the Shift key at the same time then your batsman will have more power, but less accuracy. If the ball is bowled to the Left side of your wicket, you need to use the Left arrow key to hit the ball, and on the Right side you need to use the Right arrow key. Down the centre you can use either the Forward arrow key to hit the ball or the Back key to play a defensive block. Extra runs are added to your score if you hit the advertising boards around the field. Break a leg!
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