Game Description
Super Bricks is a fast paced action game in which you train your eye to follow the ball which eliminates all the bricks. Hint: beware of the anti-bonus capsules!

Game Help

Destroy the coloured bricks in Super Bricks, while juggling to ensure you get the special feature bricks.

You control a hyperbat at the bottom of the screen that you can move left and right with your mouse. You need to bounce a ball between the hyperbat and the rows of bricks above. Each time you hit the bricks, some of them explode.

In Super Bricks rows are added at regular intervals and they advance down the screen. You need to clear the screen of bricks before they reach the bottom. If they reach the bottom you lose one of 3 lives. Each time you clear the screen you progress to the next level.

Super Bricks starts off at a manageable pace with easier screens, but gets increasingly more difficult and challenging. Now you just need to ask yourself if you are up to the Super Bricks challenge...

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