Game Description
Assist in an outer space spring clean!

Game Help
You control an energy beam that you can shoot from your mothership at the top of the screen. Your energy beam projector moves slowly from left to right and back again, and you need to trigger the beam using your Down arrow key. Floating around the screen are various types of space rocks and metal objects that you can collect using your energy beam. As soon as your beam projector is lined up with an object, hit your Down arrow key to send out your beam to collect the object. You score points for each object you collect. Be careful not to collect the space mine, as it will cost you time. Remember that metal is worth more points than rocks are. As you go up through the successive levels, you can buy extra weapons at the space shop to help you collect rocks and metal more efficiently. The points you have scored are converted into money which you can use to buy weapons. You keep the points that are left when you start the new level. An example is the Anti-Matter Zapper, which allows you to remove space junk in the way of the objects you want to collect. To use any of the weapons you buy, send out a beam towards the object that you want to destroy and then press the up key, as the beam grabs the object, the object will then explode. You can only use each extra weapon once, but you can buy more at the end of each level. If you collect your goal amount on any of the levels before the time runs out, the game ends. Have fun!

Game Tip
Go for the large pieces of metal first, to secure your target as soon as possible!
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