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Take Pingu on a flight of absolute airborne joy in this Seal Bounce arcade game!

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Since Seal Bounce flew onto the gaming scene a number of years ago it has become a firm favourite for many online games. 

It is a wonderful way to spend 5 minutes. Can you possible think of anything better than being a Yeti chucking a penguin as high as you can? Well you can be that Yeti and you can achieve amazing heights by doing the Seal Bounce of the sides of the screen. 

The game controls are very straight forward and the whole game is about timing. In order for you to pick up a penguin and start swinging it, you click the left mouse button and hold it down. 

As your bobble around on the little patch of floating ice you will swing the pengiun faster and slower at random times. 

The idea is to get the right speed and angle before releasing your pengiun. Once you get that right you release the mouse button and let rip. 

Seal Bounce... what a meaningful game. 

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