Pyramid Solitaire

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Pyramid Solitaire is one of the most popular variations of solitaire around.

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Let's play Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire is a variation of traditional solitaire. At the start of the game cards are dealt face up in a pyramid shape. You need to clear the entire pyramid by trying to add cards up to a total of 13.

In Pyramid Solitaire you can only play cards that are completely uncovered, or that appear on the 3 discard piles at the bottom of the screen.

To clear the cards in this version of solitaire, locate two uncovered cards that total 13 and click each of them on sequence. They will then be removed from the pyramid. You can also click any King alone, as it has a value of 13.

You may deal 3 new cards from the deck to the discard piles at any point in the game. You do this by clicking on the face down deck.

To win you must clear all of the cards in the pyramid. If you score 36 points or more you may deal the cards again; otherwise you have to start the game over.

The cards in the deck can only be dealt once to the discard piles in this version of solitaire.. If they have all been dealt and you cannot clear any more cards, you have reached the end of the game. Card values:

Aces = 1
Jacks = 11
Queens = 12
Kings = 13
All other cards = face value. Good luck and have fun!

Tips for playing Pyramid Solitaire:

The game is played online with a combination of quick math and logic skills a definite necessity. 

The key to progressing is to remove cards that will open two cards if possible. If the opportunity to remove an isolated card or one that will open two cards, always go for the latter. 

The reason for this approach is that you will open up many more possibilities to find combinations that will help you progress in your game of Pyramid Solitaire. 

The initial problem with the game is:

1. First you need to get used to the values of the respective cards and doing the simple maths. 

2. The second is the layout of a game of Pyramid Solitaire. It lends itself to getting more difficult as you get closer to finishing a stage. 

Once you have mastered these two parts, you would learn to really enjoy a game of Pyramid Solitaire thoroughly. Thereafter you need to play regularly as the best way to spot the different options and solutions is through regular play. 

It is therefore critical that you visit Skillpod on a regular basis and take on our Pyramid solitaire game on a regular basis to become the master of the game.

History of Pyramid Solitaire:

Pyramid Solitaire has been around for a good number of years. As far back as 1990 it shot to popularity when it formed part of the Windows entertainment pack under the name "Tut's tomb". 

Altough not as popular as the original versions of solitaire or it's very popular cousin, Mahjong Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire has become a favourite online game. Another version of solitaire that has become fairly popular in recent times is Golf Solitaire.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of games of Pyramid Solitaire played daily cementing it as a firm favourite for many years to come.

A few of the other solitaire games that you would find interesting if you like playing Pyramid solitaire:
- Klondike Solitaire
- Gaps Solitaire
- Mahjong Solitaire
- Poker Solitaire
- Golf Solitaire

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