Game Description
Morabaraba is a traditional African strategy board game for two players. Although it is very easy to learn, even young children quickly master the rules. Morabaraba has the depth to provide a real mental challenge, and will stimulate strategic thinking.

Game Help

Each player starts with 12 tokens called `cows` in a game of Morabaraba. Players alternately place cows on the board with your mouse.

Once all the cows have been placed on the board, cows may only be moved on the board to free, adjacent intersections, except when a player has only three cows left (then he may move to any free intersection). The aim is to create rows of three called mills, either vertically, diagonally, or horizontally.

When a mill is achieved in a Morabaraba game, the player may capture one of the opponent`s cows by clicking on the cow. A player can not capture an opponent`s mill if there are other cows on the board left to capture. Only one of the opponent`s cows may be captured at a time, even if two (or more) mills are achieved with one move. When an action is required from you, a prompt will appear.

Players should try to block the opponent`s mills in Morabaraba. The best intersections are the corners of the middle rectangle. Often a winning situation is a double mill. This is where a player can move back and forth between two mills, making a mill and removing an opponent`s piece on every turn. The game is over and a player loses when he has only two pieces, or has no moves left. Have tons of fun!

Game Tip
Ensure that you place your pieces in strategical positions, i.e. That you have two options to create a mill. If you move your pieces to the middle in Morabaraba, it will be easier to manoeuvre them in and out of the mill so as to re-create the mill, in order to capture cow upon cow of your opponent. Always try to be one step ahead of your opponent in Morabaraba. It takes some time to get better at this, but once you are there, you will take them down.
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