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Mix and match the cards to Make 24. This version of the very challenging mind game is a great way to keep your mind in top shape.

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In Make 24 on Skillpod your mathematics skills are pushed to their limit. You need to figure out in which way the cards need to be arranged to make a total of 24

The values of the numbered cards are equal to the numbers on the cards. The A is 1, J is 11, Q is 12 and K is 13. 

You will be given 4 cards in Make 24, which you need to add, substract, multiply and divide in a different order trying to make a total of 24. All of this in one minute!

To do your sum you need to drag the cards and signs into the blackboard in the order you want them. Once you have gotten the formula right, you need to click the submit button.  

If you want to give your brain a regular workout, be sure to play Make 24 on a regular basis as it will train your brain and keep it in top shape.

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