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In Mahjong Solitaire you need to try to remove all of the Mahjong tiles from the towers until none are left. Achieving this in this popular version of mahjong becomes more and more difficult as you go through the levels.

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Mahjong Solitaire


When playing Mahjong Solitaire at Skillpod you will aim to remove all of the tiles form the tower. In order for you to remove tiles from the Mahjong tower, you need to click on a pair of exactly the same kind of tiles.

The problem in a Mahjong Solitaire game comes in when you try and find these pairs. to remove these tiles, both of them need to be unblocked on either the left or right hand side.

Once these Mahjong tiles are removed in the solitaire type game, new tiles are revealed.

In our Mahjong Solitaire game a modified version of the classic Mahjong tile set from the author of Kyodai Mah Jongg for Windows is used.

The controls are very simple. To select your first tile or unselect it, you just click on it with your left mouse button. If you have selected a Mahjong tile and you left click on another tile of the same kind, both get removed automatically.

The two most popular variations of solitaire we also feature on Skillpod are Golf solitaire and Pyramid solitaire. These differ vastly from Mahjong solitaire, while still being similar in so many ways.

Tips for playing Mahjong Solitaire on the internet:

It is very easy in the beginning to remove a few tiles, but you can quickly paint yourself into a corner if you remove tiles to quickly without any plan.

The best strategy in a game of Mahjong Solitaire is to remove the top tiles first. If you can remove the top tiles, it opens up more options for you to clear. It also shows you a new level of tiles, which will help in your planning when removing tiles.

If there are options to remove two tiles from the side of the stack without going directly down, rather take them so that you can free up more tiles.

In general it makes sense to take one tile from the top pile and one from the sides. This helps you in clearing the stacked up sections, which will make things easier later on in a game. 

It is sometimes tempting to go for the time bonus, but doing this effectively is very difficult. Rather try to complete the level you are on and miss out on the possible extra bonus. 

It also makes sense to take tiles from the sides of the middle section first in stead of the top and bottom row. The reason for this is that you will open up more tiles. These extra tiles that you open up will allow you more options to clear the tiles.

If you get stuck when playing just click on the "Hint" button. There are also different landscape picture tiles and flower picture tiles in Mahjong Solitaire. These can be removed without them having to match exactly.

The history of Mahjong Solitaire:

The game was originally created by Brodie Lockard all the way back in 1981. The game only has a resemblence to Mahjong in that it uses the same 144 tiles. It is said to have been developed based on an ancient Chinese game roughly translated as "demolish the tile turtle". 

The origin of Mahjong Solitaire can not be confirmed or denied, but the result is a highly addictive and extremely popular game. The tiles are set up in what is called a turtle format, which stands at four levels high at its top. 

At first Mahjong Solitaire didn't prove to be to popular, but it gained loads of momentum when Lockard produced a newer version of the game named "Shanghai". It was released for the Macintosh and the Apple IIgs and over 10 million copies of the game was sold. 

Since then many variations of the game was created by developers trying to get in on the popularity of the original version. 

It was such a popular game that it was included in early versions of Windows 3 under the name Taipei. After that a version of Mahjong Solitaire made its way back into the Windows fold when "Mahjong Titans" formed part of the Windows Vista operating system. 

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