Game Description
Once upon a time Heln, a man with a short body but a big heart fell in love with a beautiful princess called Zoe. Her father`s kingdom was falling apart and since he was of old age, he decided to give his daughter to the man who brings him the famous riches from the Jewel Mines. A wealthy man alone wasn`t enough for Zoe, so the King thought of this challenge to ensure that the man would also be skilled, patient and determined. Each participant received a mission sheet. Once they fulfilled it and presented Zoe and her father with certain jewels, they would receive the next mission sheet. Whoever first fulfilled all the missions would get Zoe and a kingdom to rule...

Game Help
You can move Heln the cart using the Left/Right arrow keys on your keyboard. Important: Each Level bares a new mission, therefore pay attention to the right part of the game interface. The counter is there to show you how many relevant jewels (for the mission) you have collected. With every new level the value of the jewels change as well. Some add points to your score, while others will steal them. Stones, and other objects will always hurt you (-200 points), therefore avoid them. The Legend on the Right part of the games interface displays the value of the particular jewels. Good luck!
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