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Hyper Sudoku is Sudoku on strategical steroids! If you consider yourself a master in Sudoku, then this game will definitely capture your interest and twiggle your mind!

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Hyper Sudoku is similar to Sudoku, except that there are extra 3x3 regions where the numbers must not repeat. In this game there is a grid of 9 x 9 squares, you need to complete each square with numbers 1 - 9 so that the numbers in each row or column or each 3 x 3 group (the 9 groups surrounded by thick lines plus the 4 groups with dark background) do not repeat.

The faster you finish the game, the higher your score. Click the hint button when you are stuck, but you will suffer a time penalty when you do so.

The game of Sudoku will always be a challenging one and Hyper Sudoku is in no way different. It is truly one of the classic math games and its recent popularity doesn't detract from its value. 

Hyper Sudoku is not only fun, but it gives your brain a wonderful maths logic workout. Definitely worth the effort. Good luck in trying to crack it!

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