Game Description
Hexxagon is a puzzle game which requires logic, skill and strategy! It is entirely possible to beat the PC (in six moves) - so don't give up on your first shot!

Game Help
You will see a board consisting of a number of adjacent hexagons. You play against an opponent, and each of you has three jewels placed at the corners of the board. The aim is to multiply your pieces and to remove your opponents. You do this by clicking on a jewel. An overlay of allowed landing places is displayed. Click on a hexagon to place a new jewel there. If you place a jewel adjacent to any of your opponent`s jewels they will change colour and become yours, and vice versa. The winner is the player whose jewels cover the majority of the board when it is full. You will see a count of your and your opponent`s scores on the bottom right. Good luck!

Game Tip
Try to duplicate your jewels, instead of merely replacing them. To duplicate a jewel, place it in the indicated green space. Never open up ideal spaces for your opponent to capture your pieces, and try to capture as many of your opponents pieces as possible with each move. Think strategically!
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