Drift Rally Snow (PuP)

Game Description
In Drift Rally Snow you will be sliding around in a winter wonderland.

Game Help

Your goal in Drift Rally Snow is to get the best possible time. In the process you must however try not to run out of fuel or write off your car.

To drive your car in Drift Rally Snow Power Up (PuP) you will be using the arrow keys. The controls are very simple, but getting to grips with driving in the snow is not that easy. 

After some practice you will however get the hang of it and understand how to drive your car in these conditions. 

When playing Drift Rally snow you can choose from 8 different cars. As you work your way around the course you can pick up fuel cans and wrenches to keep your car fueled and repaid damage. 

If you run our of fuel or your car is damaged to badly the game ends. To avoid damage to your car you need to steer clear of the sides of the track. 

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