Drift Rally Off Road (PuP)

Game Description
In Drift Rally Off Road the actions gets rough and dirty... no tarmac in sight.

Game Help

Race against the clock in Drift Rally Off Road Power Up (PuP) using 8 different cars.

Each track has its own database-driven score table of fast lap times, encouraging previous winners to return and see if their score was bettered.

The controls for Drift Rally Off Road Power Up are simple and straight forward. To drive your car you will only use the arrow keys, however this definitely doesn't mean the game is easy. 

Your goal is to set up the best possible time in Drift Rally. The off road course really poses a challenge as you need to get used to the way the card slides around the corners. 

If you hit the sides of the track your car will sustain damage. In order for you to continue through the race you need to pick up the gas cans and the wrenches to repair your car.  

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