Game Description
You need to show what you can do as a short order cook in the Dagwood Bar.

Game Help

In Dagwood Bar you will need to make sandwiches for the waiting customers. They are hungry and need food NOW. You need to keep them happy and know how to make the different sandwiches they ask for. 

In Dagwood Bar you need to use the mouse to drag the ingredients to make the sandwich, and then drag the sandwich to the customer. There are some items that you can put on the bread without cooking it, while others need to be cooked. 

If you cook something you need to keep an eye on it to make sure that you don't overcook it. 

You need to work quickly in Dagwood Bar to make sure you don't upset the customers. Get cooking! Your job depends on it!

Game Tip
Familiarise yourself with what all the different icons of sauces and sandwich fillings will look like when on the sandwiches, otherwise you will get hopelessly confused!
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