Game Description
If you ever play Crazy Peanuts in real life, you have probably had to much to drink. Crazy Peanuts is a game of soccer, played with peanuts, against squirrels on a bar counter.

Game Help

In the game of Crazy Peanuts you flick the peanuts at the squirrels. Flick as many nuts into the goal as possible.

You score points for each goal, and extra points for hitting defenders.

To move your hand in Crazy Peanuts you just move your mouse either left or right.

To flick a peanut you need to first power up by holding down the left mouse button and then release it just at the right time.

It will take you a little time to get your aim right, but then you can start taking down squirrels and scoring goals. 

Surely Crazy Peanuts should be considered for inclusing in the Summer Olympics. Such skill, such action... you just need 3 willing squirrels.

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