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One of the all time greatest arcade games got an upgrade and got even better - Cosmic Attack.

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This is a remake of the classic Cosmic Attack game and has been modified to make it even more fun.

As in the original you are facing a load of alien ships slowly making their way across and down the screen. You need to take them out in order to advance to the next stage. 

As you clear out the spaceships in Cosmic Attack the remaining ones start to move fasterand faster. During this time they will also shoot at you the whole time. 

There are some nice temporary weapon upgrades available if you shoot the mothership that comes around from time to time. These will help you to clear out the alien ships in no time. 

Cosmic Attack is a simple game to play, but does take some time to master. To move your spaceship around you use the left and right arrow keys. To shoot at the alien ships you press spaebar. 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in Space Invaders is to shoot out the ships in the middle first. To give yourself more time and a better chance of advancing, kill the ships off from the sides. 

It is also important to get the mothership before she moves across the screen up to your score as the ship "steals" some of your points.


In this game you control a Space ship to destroy a team of Space invaders. The invaders will shoot you back in return and will approach closer and closer. There are special enemies, once destroyed, they will give you some very nice weapons. Use the arrow keys to control the ship, press the Spacebar to shoot. Good luck and have fun!

Game Tip
Ironically, the most important point is to die. If you do not die at the right time you may only get 1/10th of the score you deserve after the last zero has been eaten. The second point is to preserve the bullets of your special weapon to shoot the special enemy, because failing to kill the enemy will prove to be costly.
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