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The Buzzer Wire game has always been a favourite at fairs and some flea markets. To play it you need to keep up your concentration throughout. The aim of the game is very straightforward: Get the ring around the course without it touching the wire. Now that is easier said than done.

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The Buzzer Wire game is an online version of the very popular game. It will test your steady hand and concentration while you work your way around the course. If you hit the sides of your ring on the buzzer wire, it will set of the buzzer and you will be penalized. You need to try and get it around the course as quickly as possible though without touching the sides. What is needed to be successful in the game is a steady hand and concentration. You can go a little faster on the straight sections, but you need to slow down when you get to the curves. Game controls for the Buzzer wire game only consists of the mouse. You only need to move it around to direct the ring around the course. That said, you will definitely frustrate yourself a lot trying not to hit the sides, but you will most likely come back again until you get it right.
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