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Bumperjack is an entertaining version of Blackjack with a twist.

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In Bumperjack you are up against the clock. You have 2 minutes in which to get as many 21's as you can in four different columns. 

On the screen you would be able to see the sequence of the next 4 cards that you will be dealt. If you can apply your quick maths skills you should be able to place the cards in the right order to get as many 21's in as possible in time. 

To get cards to go into a certain column in Bumperjack, you need to click the "Hit Me" button on that column. Cards carry the same values as in Blackjack with the numbered cards carrying their face values. The picture cards are worth 10 and the aces are worth either 1 or 11. 

If there is a card that comes around that you want to discard in Bumperjack, you can do so, but the problem is that it will cost you time.  

When you hit 21 you will receive 10 points times the amount lit up. There are x1, x2, x3 and x4 lights that light up. If you manage to go through a whole deck of cards in the time given you will also receive bonus points.

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