Bobsled Run (PuP)

Game Description
The Bobsled Run Power-Up(PU) puts you in a two-man bobsled and challenges you to complete the course in the shortest possible time.

Game Help

Average speed 130kph (80mph) top speeds 150 kph (93 mph) racing down an icy track. For two-man (women) you get a driver and a brakeman always sits in the back of the bobsled.

A Bobsled Run Power Up(PU) is definitely not child's play. You need to navigate your bobsled around the course as quickly as possible and try to get to the finish line. 

In Bobsled Run PU you need to try to steer your bobsled in such a way as not to touch the sides. If you touch the sides you will slow down dramatically and lose time.

The controls for Bobsled Run PU are very simple:

- Use the arrow keys to drive the bobsled
- Use the up arrow accelerate  the Sled.

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