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Find out why the traditional Blackjack is the most popular casino card game worldwide.

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In our online Blackjack game you can enjoy playing the most popular casino card game in the world whenever you feel like it.

The game of Blackjack works exactly the same whether you are on the net or at a casino. You need to get to 21... or as close as you possibly can without exceeding 21.

To start of you need to click on your chips to bet as much as you like. After that you can click on the Deal button. 

In the online Blackjack game you will be dealt two cards face up and the dealer card face down. 

Once you received your cards you need to add up their values aiming to get as close to 21 as possible. All cards are valued according to their face value with the picture cards counting 10. An ace can have a value of either 11 or 1, depending on how you wat to use it.

Once you have reached your desired total in our Blackjack game, you need to click on the stand button.  Make sure that you don't go past 21. Any score of 17 or higher should win you most hands. 

After you are finsihed, the dealer gets to go through the same motions and your scores are compared. 

The hand closest to 21 is the winner. If you get blackjack, an ace and a card with a value of 10, you get paid 3 to 2. If there is a draw you get your money back. 

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