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Gear yourself for glamour!

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You will see a screen with rows of jewels. You need to swap adjacent jewels to put three jewels of the same type next to each other. To swap jewels, click on the jewel you want to move and then the one you want to swap it with, you can only swap jewels that are next to each other. Every time you do this, all triplets of the same type of jewel are removed and you score points. New jewels replace the jewels that were removed, and if this action causes more jewels to lie next to each other in threes, they are removed automatically. Your score is indicated on the right, along with a score meter. As soon as the score meter reaches the top you move to the next level and another type of jewel is added to the screen. The game stops when you can no longer make any row of three`s by moving any of the jewels. If you cannot see a jewel to move, click on Hint, and a jewel will be highlighted. Have fun!
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