80s Cosmic Attack

Game Description
The 80s Cosmic Attack game was the dawn of a new era in gaming. It was the fastest paced, most thrilling game ever seen. The game is still a very enjoyable battle between your spaceship and the enemy aliens. It was a case of kill or be killed.

Game Help
The 80s Cosmic Attack game is a fairly simple game to play by modern standards, but still poses a fair challenge. The aliens keep moving across the screen and slowly move towards you. You need to kill them all by shooting them before they reach you. Every now and again a mothership of the aliens would go across the top of the screen. You need to kill the mothership at all costs for maximum points. A handy tip for giving yourself enough time to kill the aliens is to first finish an outside row or two. Don’t shoot out the middle section first... You’ll see why once you have tried it. Game Controls for 80s Cosmic Attack: Moving your spaceship: Left and Right arrow keys Shooting: Spacebar

Game Tip
Ironically, the most important point is to die. If you do not die at the right time you may only get 1/10th of the score you deserve after the last zero has been eaten. The second point is to preserve the bullets of your special weapon to shoot the special enemy, because failing to kill the enemy will prove to be costly.
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