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Use your soccer ball skills to place the perfect goal!

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You are confronted by a goal with a goalkeeper and a 3-man wall. You need to take a free kick and score a goal by putting the ball past the wall and the goalkeeper. Each shot is taken from a different angle, so sometimes you will have a clear shot on goal and other times you will need to curl the ball around the wall. To kick the ball, wait until the moving blue arrow reaches the direction in which you want to kick, and click and hold on the ball. The place you kick on the ball determines whether the ball will stay low, rise and curl left or right. Clicking the top or bottom of the ball will make it stay low or rise, respectively. Kicking in the middle will be a straight shot. Clicking on the left will make it curl to the right, and clicking on the right will make it curl left. Once you have clicked and are holding the mouse button down, watch the power meter on the left of the screen and release the mouse button when it reaches the level of power that you want to use. You have 20 kicks, the remaining kicks are displayed on the left hand side of the screen, with the number of goals you have scored on the right. Good luck and have fun!
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