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Game Description
Enjoy a day `out` of the office and watch the birdies!

Game Help
1. To start your swing simply click anywhere near the player. Power bar will start lighting up and down. 2. Aim by moving mouse left and right behind the golf club, the small arrow points in the direction of the swing. 3. When ready to swing, click the second time to stop the power meter at desired level. Use numbers to the right of the power meter to match the distance as indicated on top of the game window. Check the wind speed and direction (Upper right corner) and compensate for it as required. Once you reach the green, player will switch to putting. The wind speed/direction indicator will switch to slope. Compensate by putting slightly opposite of the angle indicated. If the ball goes out of the course boundaries or ends up in the water it will automatically be dropped for you somewhere on the course and you will be given a penalty stroke where applicable. Good luck!
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