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Game Description
Parking Mania takes you through your paces as you try to park your little Mini in all of the parking spots.

Game Help

Parking Mania

Parking Mania is a hugely popular game and it is a wonderful combination of fun and frustration.

It starts out very easy and gets more and more difficult as you try to park your car spots that get more and more difficult. 

To drive your car in Parking Mania you use the arrow keys.

The goal of the game is however to park your car accurately and as quickly as possible. You get bonuses for parking quickly and for parking in a single fluid motion. 

If you hit one of the sides or another car its game over. 

Tips when playing Parking Mania

The goal of the game is not to hit anything as you part the car. When you enter a parking it is always adviseable to do it slowly and steadily. 

In the game of Parking Mania you need to make sure however when it will be best to speed up a little and when to slow down. On your way to a parking spot, you need to speed up and line up the parking spot. As you get closer, you should slow down so that you can enter the parking spot. 

Game Tip
Slowly does it! Practise make perfect - picture yourself actually driving.
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