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Game Description
21 Blitz is a really fun version of blackjack that you can play.

Game Help

As in regular blackjack, the aim of 21 Blitz is to get to that magical 21.

At the start of the game a card is dealt face up in the centre of teh screen. You can then seelct to place the card in any of four columns by clicking the hit key. 

You goal in 21 Blitz is to get to a total of 21 in each of the columns. As you progress, the total in a specific column is shown at the top of each column. 

If you pass the 21 mark in any column in 21 Blitz, you bust and the cards in that column are cleared.

Should you hit 21 however your Blitz score is increased by one. You can see your Blitz score on the scoreboard on the left side of the screen.

Each time your Blitz score reaches the top, the round ends... but time is against you. In Blitz 21 either the cards or time runs out... now what are you waiting for!

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